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Scandal Special Live In Malaysia 2012

Scandal Special Live Malaysia 2012

Hey Guys & Girls~ need some help over here>_<

If you are true fans of the band SCANDAL….

I have got a message for you direct from the ADMINS handling the Facebook Events page ofSCANDAL SPECIAL LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2012 – and they are going on a quest to accumulate the Largest Number of  DIE HARD SCANDAL FANS out there – through out the world to join them in this awesome show of support for SCANDAL’s upcoming concert  in December 2012 hosted on Facebook .

Could you do them this favor?

Just click the link below and click on “Going”

It doesn’t matter whether you are going ( Of course they wish you would come to the concert in reality ^.^ )

Share this event and let everyone know about this ^^

The organizers will show this result to the SCANDAL Band members

Their ambition is to show SCANDAL and to let them know that ~ there are lots and lots of people in other countries that are supporting them!

Kindly Click on the following link:

or search on Facebook this event name: SCANDAL SPECIAL LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2012


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